Jen Smith

I currently work in a middle school in the suburbs of Chicago. I am originally from Montréal, Canada. I moved to the US for love and stayed because of my husband's mum and dad, and all the amazing friends we have been so fortunate to make. I am a mom of three cheeky monkeys, a teacher, a tech enthusiast and a wife.
I believe that teachers need to change to meet the learning styles, communication and collaboration needs of our kids. Packets and shoe box dioramas need to be left with the overhead projectors in the closets of our classrooms.
I believe kids are powerful. They can make change if we give them the chance to ask the questions instead of giving the answers.
I am always dissatisfied with my kids schools...not because they are not good schools, but because they can and need to do more! More to know my kids. Use more technology. More training for their teachers so they can change and meet the needs of the kids that are learning digitally from the time they can use a touch screen.
I want my kids to struggle in school. Struggling is the feeling that you get when you are actually learning. I want them to have to work hard to do well. Right now, they are not I am dissatisfied.

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