Thursday, March 7, 2013

Teachers Need to be Accessible.

This week, I shared with my staff three tools or tips, plus Edmodo again. We currently use Edline as our Classroom Management System, and it is clunky, hard to post to and to personalize. It is really not a social networking tool. More of a directionally one way tool to share information. Students in our world crave and rely on a two way form of communication with each other, and with their parents. They FaceTime their friends as they do homework. They call their parents when they change locations. Parents text their kids to find out if they are staying after school.

Are you ready to be accessible to your students beyond the school day? In every other profession, companies and colleagues can be reached way beyond the work day. Why do educators think that that is an unreasonable request?
Our students are learners that want instant feedback and to be connected to each other. Why do we teachers think that is not how education works?
I think Edmodo is a tool that would allow students to have access and be connected to each other, and for teachers to maintain their home life. Teachers can post links, videos, homework and answer questions from the website or the app, for multiple students and classes all at once. Why not use it? We all are on Facebook aren't we?

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  1. Jen,
    I'm not on Facebook, and I often wonder if I ever will be... I don't think so. However, I've thought of being accessible 24/7 for students. I think Edmodo would be great, if your students feel a need to ask things, or talk, and talk to classmates. I'm not on it right now, because our team decided to go with Schoology, but my students email me from Edline and their phones lately. I reply, copying the principal on my responses, as he's asked, but I can see how Edmodo would alleviate these emails to my principal! ;-)

    Keep promoting, Sister. Water those flowers...!